Pear Wonder, Galette Goodness

Two weeks later, I’m still thinking about that pear tree. Man, that pear tree.

My day started off with the usual, a cup of coffee, but also a not-so-usual slice of warm, brandy-caramelized pear galette. Yes, this was my breakfast, but hey, with the homemade ricotta filling, and grass-fed buttery, wholewheat crust, I figured it was a little akin to a typical yogurt breakfast. As I savored my breakfast, I pondered why anyone would grow a tree that doesn’t produce fruit. Really, I’m serious here. Please, send me some pictures of your gorgeous non-fruiting trees to knock me out of this nonsense.

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The Fall Garden Grind, Part III

The third and final part of The Fall Garden Grind series is an info-packed article revolving around that most important part of your garden: the soil. This is an easy step to skip when we’re caught up in the busyness of life, but putting your garden to bed for the winter will help build soil fertility and as a result make your garden more productive in years to come. Just as you slumber with a heavy blanket over your tired body, so must your garden rest in the off season. In this final part we’ll explore just what kind of blanket your garden bed likes to rest under for the winter. New to The Fall Garden Grind series? Follow these links to read Part I and Part II.

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The Fall Garden Grind, Part II

Fall is the perfect time to bust a move in your garden. The weather is cooler so you’ll sweat less – save yourself on some laundry – PLUS the cooler weather is beneficial to your perennials (or future perennials, perhaps). This is the season to re-arrange, share, dream big and expand your operation (more fruit anyone?). We’ll cover all this in  Part II of my three part series, The Fall Garden Grind. You can find Part I of this series here.

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Your Fall garden to-do list: The Fall Garden Grind, Part I

It’s easy to feel the cooler weather that has arrived and relax your gardening self a bit. Hold off, though, don’t sit down quite yet! There’s a lot to do out there before you can kick back. The time and effort you invest in your garden now will build soil health, plus keep the weed and pest count down so you can go into the next gardening season with your best foot forward. Not sure what to put on your to-do list? Stick around for my three-part garden series, The Fall Garden Grind!

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