Putting Up Peppers

What produce does elicit disappointment in summer, is usually met with much gladness in the dearth of winter. Take, for instance, the green bell pepper. Many, many sweet peppers usually remain on my plants until the first Fall frost comes rolling in. I need every single day of sun and warmth I can get to turn that green pepper into its sweeter companion, the much worshipped, Red Pepper. This year was particularly in want of red sweet peppers. If we did get one, it was gobbled up by an eager little five-year-old before it made it indoors! I actually never tasted a red pepper this time around. Oof! The experiment with new pepper varieties was no good, and all that rain we had did not help the pepper cause, either. So when that Fall frost did arrive a few days ago, I had a mighty load of green peppers to put up for winter eating.

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Breathing Autumn

Fall feels so alive, despite the dying back of so much. It’s when we make the big haul in from the garden beds and can and can and can… It’s when we plant garlic and lean on the the forecast, hoping to get one more day before a frost.  The fateful freeze did indeed come last night. As I grabbed every single last pepper in the bed, if felt like an end, but it feels so full.

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Roasted Salsa (Canning Friendly)


One of the things that keeps me stumped in the several years since I began gardening is the fact that sometimes, two things that go so well together are not ready for harvest at the same time! My dill is long gone by the time I have nice, crisp cabbage heads, for example. I really wish I had basil around to accompany the last of the tomatoes these days, and now I am wishing we still a big flush of tomatoes since the poblanos are all finally ready. But alas, the tomatoes are looking quite faded, enough for a small batch of something, but not my big salsa operation. So despite having grown oh so many tomatoes this summer, I did indeed just buy a box of Romas at the farmers market!

And they’re yellow. Well why not? I was in an experimenting mood since I make this same salsa recipe every year. Would yellow tomatoes be a tad sweeter or more mild so the peppers stand out? My experiment was with zero scientific accuracy as I also used different peppers than my last batch of salsa. Whichever variable caused it, I’m telling you, this batch isn’t the prettiest color, but it’s dang good. With all this roasted goodness, I don’t think you can go very wrong. No matter the color of your tomatoes, peppers or onions, this is the reliable salsa recipe you’ve been searching for (and you don’t even need to peel those tomatoes and peppers)! Continue reading

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A Favorite Pepper


I remember the confusion when I ordered poblano pepper seeds for the first time – they were listed as ancho. After a bit of searching around, it was apparent that these are indeed poblano peppers; it’s their dried counterpart that is an ancho pepper. No matter what they’re called, they are good and you will not be disappointed growing, or eating, these! Continue reading

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