There is still time to plant seeds!

This time of year doesn’t have to be the end of your garden. Step outside, dig in and smell the soil while you still can! There is a whole host of crops that actually perform better in this cooler weather and into the coming fall days. Things like broccoli, cabbage and other delicious cool-weather gems should have already been started by now, but alas, July slipped out from under me and I’m already staring at the end of August! With 40 days until our fall frost date here in zone 4a, I am limited as to what I can plant, but I can still plant some seeds.


I’m going to share how to determine your frost date, calculate what you can still  grow in your region, plus name some of the faster growing cool-weather crops so you can experiment along with me! Continue reading

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Tomato Rainbow

The range of colors that we bring in from our tomato bed wins me over every summer. Some varieties we grow every year, and maybe it is just thanks to Minnesota’s long winter, but I experience those first ripe tomatoes like I’m seeing them for the first time. The vibrant pink, the deep red, the soft yellow, the shiny purple, the glowing orange, all the many shapes and sizes! It makes me giddy. Since I’ve been mentioning those tomatoes not too infrequently here, I thought I’d share some of the varieties our family holds dear.

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Nurtured by Nature Booklist: Circle of Seasons

As Minneapolis children go back to school next week, and all you southerns are already back at it, it seems a suiting time to share one of our most cherished books. It is an incredible work of art that will hold your little one’s hand through the changing of the seasons, perfectly capturing the magic of childhood, outdoor play, and the beauty of life in nature throughout the year.

Circle of Seasons by Gerda Muller

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Garden Explosion = Travel Implosion

Our Friday morning started with me telling my ever-patient husband “I know that you’re going to work today, we still have to pack, drive 2.5 hours and set up our tent tonight, but I have a lot of canning to do…”

[PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one!]

Really, though, what can be done? When the garden bursteth forth, the garden truly bursteth forth!

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